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White House Productions is Now Sage Sound Studios

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

It is with great excitement that we announce some exciting changes at the studio formerly known as White House Productions.

As you may already know, White House Productions came under new ownership in January 2017. The new ownership team is made up of former chief engineer and studio manager, Nathan Sage, along with Shari and Eric Vikmanis.

This team has spent the last 16 months continuing the legacy of White House Productions, while carefully putting together a strategy to bring this already great studio to the next level.

We are thrilled that the time has finally come to relaunch as: Sage Sound Studios. Along with our new name, we are happy to announce some exciting changes to our space, our equipment, and our services. We are very pleased to report that two Freelance Sound Engineers / Producers, Jeff Moro and James Howard, will be using our space for select, upcoming projects.

We will be transitioning our Facebook and Instagram accounts from @whitehouseproductions to @sagesoundstudios within the next few days. If you were following us before, you do not have to take any action to stay in touch. If you weren’t previously following us, now is the perfect time to start:

Instagram: @sagesoundstudios

We have a brand new website: It is a work-in-progress and we will continue to update it in the coming weeks and months.

Our dedicated team is hard at work making some exciting updates to our space, located at 549 Howe Avenue in Shelton, CT. One of the studio’s special features that will remain is the expansive 750 sq. ft. live room, which is fully air-conditioned and has natural lighting. Featured now are two ISO booths situated to the side of the room. A third ISO booth/whisper room built with full visibility to both the live and control room is being constructed next to the control room. The control room is also being updated to include natural lighting and air conditioning.

We could not be more excited about our new Allen & Heath GS3000 Recording Console with state-of-the-art software, including a Pro Tools 12 Ultimate system and vintage outboard gear, centered on the Slate Raven MTI. The new desk was acquired from Nick Lloyd of Firehouse 12 in New Haven and was used in the recording and production of the debut, self-titled album from indie rockers, The National. The final addition and the most unique to any studio in the region, is the Dolby Atmos® surround system.

Dolby Atmos moves sound all around you rather than being constrained to channels, so sounds can be precisely placed and moved in three-dimensional space. It adds an overhead dimension that creates a new sensation of height, creating a full audio atmosphere and realistically depicting objects moving overhead.

Dolby Atmos renders everything from dialogue to quiet scenes to whirlwind action with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth, producing breathtaking sound quality. It creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience that comes together in sound that excites your senses, and inspires your emotions to deliver the full impact of entertainment.

Terence Dover of Hotbed Enterprises, LLC has been providing consultation and oversight for the designing of our new control room to accommodate the installation of a Dolby Atmos system, making Sage Sound Studios the first studio in Connecticut to offer immersive sound services for music production and audio post.

Sage Sound Studios will continue to offer recording and mixing services for musicians, film/television and corporate clients. We offer packages/pricing to fit every budget including hourly rates, discounted daily and weekly rates and single, EP, and album packages. We are now introducing an even more flexible option for these packages: “Recording, Hold the Mixing” or “Recording, Gimme the Works” (includes Mixing).

And last, but certainly not least, we are pleased to announce the addition of three new services:

· Rehearsal Space – Rent our live room for your rehearsal

· Writing/Production Suite

· Access to seasoned Voiceover talent provided by Brian Hollander and Kim Osbourne

In honor of our launch, we will be offering discounted introductory rates on all of our services for a limited time. To take advantage of this offer, all services must be booked* before June 21, 2018 for sessions taking place before December 31, 2018.

To learn more about our introductory rates, schedule a session or request a tour, contact us at

Sage Sound Studios will continue to be the proud host of the Monsters of Acoustic Rock concert series and look forward to bringing you other events both inside and outside of the studio.

If you would like to be notified of future events and promotions, please sign up for our new email announce list at the bottom of our home page. We promise to keep the emails to a minimum.

In celebration of our launch, we are excited to collaborate with the New Haven Center for Performing Arts to present the “Buskers of Acoustic Rock” on June 21, 2018 as part of Make Music New Haven Day. We hope you’ll join us under the College Street Music Hall marquee from 12pm-4pm for performances by:

A special evening event in honor of Make Music Day New Haven Day is also in the works, so stay tuned for more details coming next week!

We would like to Thank You for all of your support over the last 16 months as we have worked towards this moment. We look forward to continuing to provide quality audio services to the Greater New York City area and New England, and to help you achieve

Your Vision. Your Sound.

*All bookings require a deposit to reserve the date/time.

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