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Monsters of Rocktober!

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Monsters of Acoustic Rock #43 on Oct 18th in our live room / rehearsal space.

We are very excited to welcome back Kat Matt & Tor Trio to the live room at Sage Sounds Studios along with solo performances by Emily Angell, Saltwater Man, and Zach Andersen. Come early to support all the artists! 7:30pm | $5 cash (donation to the artists) | BYOB if of age.

Folk with modern rock and pop influences. Katherine M. Atkin, Matthew Feinberg, and Victoria Lee Atkin harmonize beautifully and play a variety of instruments, including guitar, ukulele, saxophone, trumpet, and flute, sometimes mixed with percussion as well! *** SPECIAL set tonight with the newly added Will Atkin on bass guitar and Eric Porcheddu on drums - rock on!

Folk-pop with influences from Starley and Kiiara, to the Beatles and James Taylor. Emily is always experimenting with new sounds and she exposes raw emotions in her songs that are ultimately uplifting in the end.

Folk rock that mixes traditional stylings with indie, pop, and punk. Saltwater Man tells it like it is in his songs and crafts catchy melodies with a hint of darkness. This is a special solo performance outside of doing time in Jason Ingriselli and The Miles North and LAZYWAYOUT.

Indie-acoustic rock with choruses that will stay in your head for days! Zach's sets mix all emotional elements, be it happy, sad, or just down right tongue-in-cheek funny.

We can't wait for you to experience Monsters of Acoustic Rock Concert Series live and in person. Don't miss out!

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