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Sage Sound Studios is the first commercial Immersive Audio studio in Connecticut.

For artists that want to create their music in a relaxing and creative atmosphere we offer writing, production, recording, mixing & mastering services. 
For Audio Post we offer Mixing (sound re-recording), ADR (Source Connect), Sound Design, Music Composition, and Voiceover services.

Our 4,675 SQFT studio complex also includes three professionally designed
climate controlled rehearsal rooms.

Located just minutes away from the Merritt Parkway, and Metro North, in Shelton, CT.
Our control room is professionally designed and is one of the most accurate mix rooms on the East Coast. Primarily set up for Immersive Audio,
we can work in all formats from stereo to 7.1.4.
Our studio has natural lighting, and is fully air conditioned.

  • Nathan Sage formed Sage Sound Studios in June 2017.

  • He has been involved in music in one way or another since the age of seven, starting out as a musician, first on piano then progressing to drums, playing in The Pretty Young Things from Cambridge (UK), and then onto a London (UK) based band called Hold Kiss Kill.

  • In his early twenties, he acquired a greater interest in sound design and engineering, first managing Don Airey of Deep Purple fame’s production studio Rainbow Recorders (Don Airey Music Ltd) in the UK. 

  • While there, he contributed to over sixty albums, including Deep Purple’s Now What?!, Saxon’s Call To Arms, Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock, and many more, in addition to engineering all of Deep Purple’s live intro music since 2006. 

  • Nathan worked with The Treatment (Universal/Spinefarm) as their stage technician during 2011. He also provided front of house (FOH) mixing for the Riverside Theatre Works, a theatre based in Boston (MA), where his work was referred to as “outstanding” and “totally professional” (Steven Friedman, recording engineer, MF Daisy).

  • While Nathan comes from an analog background, he is equally at home in the digital domain, being proficient in both Pro Tools and IZ Radar HDR systems. Nathan has brought his experience to this side of the pond as not only the head studio engineer and manager, but producing such bands as The Cluster Flies (Niveo Records), Robbie Jenkins (Surface, PM Dawn), and more.

  • In 2015  Nathan branched out into audio post doing re-recording mixing for Oh Yeah! (Seasons 1, 2, & 3), on, which won a New York Emmy Award in 2015 for Season 1. Since then he has expanded into ADR, works include, Netflix, Bashira, Submittan, The American Buffalo, HBO, and the studio is now apart of Warner Bros official ADR studio directory. 

  • Nathan has an instinctive grasp of recording and production that has only been enhanced by years of hands on experience in both live and studio environments, and will bring all of his talent to bear on your next music production or audio post project.

  • Nathan's credits

NATHAN SAGE - Owner & Chief Audio Engineer
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