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Superior Audio Services


(ADR, VO, Re-Recording Mixing)

(Music Production & Recording)

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We Are SAG-AFTRA Approved For Recording
A Pre-Approved Studio For Edge Studio



You have tried recording everything yourselves but you are having issues with getting an acceptable sound?

Whether you want to record one instrument or the whole band, we have the space to record live, and separately. Our experienced engineers and producers, recording space, and high quality gear will work with you to ensure your music will sound the best it can.

You don't have the budget for a professional recording studio?

We work on a project by project basis, and come up with a budget that is fair to both you the artist, and to us the studio without compromising quality on your music.

You already recorded all the parts, but you are having trouble making the mix sound good?

Our unattended online mixing service allows us to give you that professional sounding mix without breaking the bank.

I have ideas for songs, but I am struggling with structuring them properly?

We help you through pre-production. Our producers handle each project with due care and attention, and will guide you from the start of the writing process to the end of the project.

No one buys music any more, why should we spend money on recording, mixing, or mastering?

The recording industry has changed a lot over the years, however most earnings from music is still made through licensing, Therefore, if you are serious about making a career from your music it is necessary that your songs stand out and sound professional.

Sage Sound Studios is the first commercial immersive audio studio in Connecticut.
For artists that want to create their music in a relaxing and creative atmosphere we offer writing, production, recording, mixing,
& mastering services. 
For Audio Post we offer Mixing (Re-Recording Mixing), ADR (Source-Connect) 
Sound Design, Music Composition, and Voiceover services.
Located just minutes away from the Merritt Parkway, and Metro North, in Shelton, CT.
Our control room is professionally designed and is one of the most accurate mix rooms on the East Coast. Primarily set up for Immersive Audio
we can work in all formats from stereo to 7.1.4.
Our studio has natural lighting,
and is fully air conditioned.
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The Inside Out - Don't Stop.jpeg
The Inside Out

The Inside Out are an Emo/Indie band formed in 2017, based out of Connecticut, US. The single "Don't Stop" is from their latest EP.


Sage Sound Studios

549 Howe Avenue, Suite 404

Shelton CT 06484

Our studio is open 7 days a week. Hours are dependent on your needs and studio availability. Please use contact form to book studio time.



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