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Monsters in the Round Takes Over Sage Sound Studios this Fri, Mar 22nd @8pm

Special "Monsters in the Round" edition for Monsters of Acoustic Rock #36, ushers in spring in the live room that doubles as a rehearsal space at Sage Sound Studios recording studio in Shelton, CT.

This month, Monsters of Acoustic Rock will be switching up it’s usual format for a very special “songwriters in the round” edition dubbed: Monsters in the Round. Featuring performances by MoAR veterans The Hooch, Steph Serenita, Julia Davis, and Zach Andersen.

Instead of each act performing their own separate set, all four acts will be sharing their songs, stories, and the stage all at the same time. Remember VH1 Storytellers and MTV's Unplugged? Get the same intimate, one-of-a-kind experience from a variety of artists live in person this Friday, March 22nd at Sage Sound Studios recording studio in Shelton Connecticut (Doors @7:30pm / Show @8pm; $5 cover).

Keeping the traditions of performing “in the round”, each act will take turns performing one song each per round.

Four of the rounds will be based on special themes chosen by each act, and the remaining two rounds will be the artist’s choice.

Join us Friday night with the beverage of your choice, sit back and relax, all while supporting local, live, and original music!

The Hooch were forged by fate at an open mic in New Haven, CT in 2013. Based on the simple request for percussion, by singer/songwriter and guitarist Jemar Phoenix, percussionist and also singer Mike D, joined Jemar and they haven't looked back since.

While it's usually all about The Hooch's live performances, we are excited to say we are in the final mixing stage of The Hooch's debut EP, recorded at Sage Sound Studios (release date TBA).

The Hooch have roots in both newer and older music, fusing hip hop, soul, R&B, and indie rock. Rhythm and dynamic vocals are signature elements of The Hooch with Mike D's driving Cajon percussion & Jemar's on point guitar playing, combined with lead vocals and smooth harmonies from both musicians. We hope that The Hooch sprinkle in some cover songs that are always unique takes on the originals.

Steph Serenita, from the New Haven area, blends the blues with folk, classic, indie, and alternative rock into her acoustic originals.

Steph will be spinning fabels (literally) leading into her songs, but it's really the story telling within her songs that will draw the attention of the crowd. Steph's songs are also extremely catchy. Attendees of Friday's Monsters in the Round will certainly leave with Steph's choruses in their heads. Days later, fans will wonder where the familiar melodies and words they're humming and singing came from, and it will go back to Steph's set at Monsters of Acoustic Rock!

Julia Davis is a singer/songwriter based out of Hartford that has always been gracious in lending her engaging pop-infused, Americana-style sounds to Sage Sound Studios live events, including both inside and outside of the studio.

The strength in Julia's voice and her finger-picking guitar are both way beyond her years. Julia's songs move from whimsical folk, to classic country, to pop, with just enough rock. It's really not about one genre, it's just about Julia Davis.

Zach and Steph performing together at the Space Ballroom on Make Music Day during the Sage Sound Studios launch party.

Zach is the real one to thank for bringing us Monsters of Acoustic Rock on a monthly basis and for this month's special edition featuring Monsters in the Round.

Zach's story telling has expanded throughout the years and we are sure he will share great tales leading into his folk rocked, sometimes feeling sad and sometimes feeling happy, songs.

Don't miss out, because this will be the only time this year that Sage Sound Studios presents a gathering of these artists, and in this format!

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