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Kick off Memorial Day Weekend with MoAR!

Updated: May 15, 2019

Zach Andersen's Birthday Celebration with Greta Stroebel, Storytime Bob, and The Magnetic

$5 | Doors @7:30pm | Show @8pm | Sage Sounds Studios | 549 Howe Ave, Shelton, CT

Celebrate Zach Andersen's birthday and the unofficial start of Summer, with Monsters of Acoustic Rock 38 on Friday, May 24th @7:30pm at Sage Sound Studios recording studio and rehearsal space in Shelton, Connecticut.

The Magnetic are an indie pop/rock band based out of Danbury, CT. Interlacing both grunge-inspired crunch & emo-esque octave melodies into their memorable riffs, all the while layered with soothing vocals with relatable lyrics, and driven by dynamic and building rhythms from their bass and drums. Fronted by Courtney LePere on vocals and bass, The Magnetic describe their art as: "Songs about the things that break us down & then the things that build us back up again." We can't wait to experience all of this in our intimate live room and rehearsal space on May 24th!

Storytime Bob is a seasoned, folk-rock veteran of the Monsters of Acoustic Rock Concert Series, both as a performer and an attendee. You will laugh and may even cry in listening to the stories that Bob weaves into his songs and in his dialogue between songs. You will certainly be singing a few of Bob's songs in your head when you leave MoAR, as they are very catchy and relatable! Sit back and enjoy, like Bob does with his fellow artists at Monsters of Acoustic Rock. This troubadour will show both the young and old how it's done, being a true singer-songwriting master of acoustic rock story telling.

Greta Stroebel is a folk, singer-songwriter with roots in the New London, CT area music scene. Greta's tortured melodies and lyrics are very moving and often unraveling with sadness, but her songs always seem to resolve with a promising light at the end of the tunnel. A strong 60's folk rock influence is undeniable in Greta's sound, vocals, and writing. Fans of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Grace Slick will rejoice with Greta's channeling of the aforementioned legends, along with a splash of contemporaries like Jewel (get ready for yodeling) and Sarah McLachlan.

Breathe in the Air of Zach Andersen's Imperfect Timing (plus, Allergies) and you Won't Worry to say Spend My Life with A Promise to Smile Too. Waiting for Words from a Goddess in a Parallel Universe leaves you with Coloring and residing to sing I Am a Dragon. What are we blabbering about here?! These are all possible songs that you can witness Zach perform for a LIVE RECORD that Zach will be recording as part of his very special birthday show on May 24th at MoAR! Let's make sure to sing-a-long loud and proud to all of his hits above and make this an unforgettable, live recorded event.


MoAR #39 - June 21st, 2019

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