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Professional Studio Recording

EP Package  - 4 days recording plus mixing. Incl.4 hours free rehearsal time.

Album Package  -  8 days recording plus mixing. Incl. 8 hours free rehearsal time.

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Sage Sound Studios is a world-class professional studio offering recording services for music in all applications

from stereo through to immersive audio 

Our expansive live room, and isolation booths enable us more flexibility in capturing your sound.  

We use a combination of both vintage and modern professional audio equipment,

and pride ourselves in being the first true immersive audio designed recording studio in Connecticut.

Our Chief Engineer Nathan Sage, has over 10 years of experience, and utilizes

an open-minded approach to working alongside artists, and bands to discover and/or achieve their desired sound, 

in turn allowing them to push through the fast paced and busy landscape of today’s music.

To help out independent, and emerging artists we have created the following recording packages:


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